Saturday, January 31, 2015

I Stand All Amazed Primary

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History of the Arrangement:
I love primary age children. One of the songs for the 2014 Primary Children's Sacrament Meeting Program was the hymn "I Stand All Amazed" ( I love the hymns, and especially love the words. Sometimes I have a harder time feeling the emotion of those words with the melodies they have been pared with. This was the case for this particular hymn.

The origination of this arrangement came first for a soloist and later adapted for primary. Learning this arrangement for primary age children (3-11) was a daunting task but the primary children of our ward were up to the challenge. I remember the first week teaching the junior primary just the chorus and the special feeling that came as I heard those very young children sing with ferver and conviction the words: "Oh it is wonderful, I stand all amazed, beautiful Savior"

The children of the senior primary, were taught this hymn along with the message behind the words and the spirit with which they sang was a testament to me of the wonder and awe that the atonement of Christ brings, and the message that atonement is applicable to all of God's children regardless of age. Ultimately, this hymn is about love. The love of God and the love of his Son. It was very fitting to have the love of such tender children fill a classroom as they learned and sang of this doctrine. I am so very grateful for the witness that love brings to me. No longer serving as the primary chorister, I miss being surrounded by such unrestrained feelings of love every week.

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